Gruyere Cheese Mead

Gruyere cheese mead, made at hydromel strength with a must made only of melted, simmered cheese and honey.  Described in this Reddit post.  

Gruyere Cheese Mead Recipe



Make the Cheese Mead Base

Rehydrate the Yeast

Make the Must and Pitch Yeast


How'd It Do

Fermentation was strong, albeit difficult to watch. Very few home brewers enjoy seeing while lumps floating at the top of their batch, as so often are the first signs of infection. The batch started to calm down around 5 days, and on day 6 was racked to a glass gallon jug with a small amount of head space remaining after lees were left out.

This batch was entered into the 2021 Valkyrie's Horn competition, and scored a 34 composite.  Judges' comments were to the effect of, "I'm amazed this wasn't awful."