Pani Puri Mead

This was inspired by a beverage found at my local Indian grocer. The drink itself is based on Pani Puri, a delicious finger food made with puffed fried bread that is filled with chickpeas, potatoes, and a liquid filling (Pani). Pani can be various flavors, and this one was tamarind mint, a flavor combination that rocks.  The mead was made with pre-mixed pani, for ease (disclaimer: I am not any kind of authority on Indian cuisine).  Discussed in this Reddit post

Pani Puri Mead Recipe




How'd It Do

I like but not love how this came out. The tamarind, cumin, and coriander of the pani are all very bold. The flavor is more savory and salty than sweet, which is as intended. It is spicy, just barely within balance. But the mint faded over time and is hardly there. On a future batch, I would attempt re-adding mint closer to bottling, and would also try using a small mash of biscuit malt to add a bready flavor to mimic the puri.