Kousa Dogwood Fruit Mead

This is a Kousa Dogwood Berry Melomel that was started back in mid-December 2021.  This batch proceeded in two stages (see notes) to ensure a strong fermentation with foraged fruit. A base batch of only honey and water was pitched, then a week later the fruit was added.  The fruit had been frozen for a while, but was stabilized anyway.

You may be familiar with Kousa Dogwood as an ornamental shrub. The orange-to-red berries are notorious for staining cars and fattening squirrels. But yes, you can eat the berries! They taste half way between a peach and a persimmon. The theme for 2022's Valkyrie's Horn competition is "forage" and this will be my entry.

Kousa Dogwood Berry Mead Recipe


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This will be entered in the 2022 Valkyrie's Horn competition, in the special Forage-themed category.